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Residential Services

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

When you buy a home; it either has a fuse box or a circuit breaker panel that supplies and controls the power that goes into the home. This acts as a switch to shut off the power to one section of the home at a time or all of it. 

HVAC Controls System

HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) systems are control systems that regulate both the heating and cooling in your home. The systems have a sensing device that compares the temperature, humidity and pressure of your home with the desired temperature that you enter in the system and switches the heating or cooling systems on or off accordingly. 

Residential Generator Installations & Repairs

As power outages become more and more common in Massachusetts, so has the need for having reliable backup residential generators for your house or condo. Generators may not be for everyone, but some residents really like the peace of mind they bring.

Landscape Lighting

One of the most impressive and unique services that we offer is our endless outdoor lighting solutions. Outdoor lighting systems and landscape lighting can give your home added beauty as well as value and keep your home safe.

Remodeling Construction & Home Improvements

When it comes to remodeling your home or making home improvements; Robishaw Electric is the only company you need to call. We do everything from commercial tenant fit outs to major residential remodels.

Pool Lighting

We offer installation of electrical systems for both above ground and in-ground pools as well as pool motor replacement and lighting. Pools and pool lighting systems have strict guidelines that have to be followed for installation. We will power and bond your pool and equipment in accordance with all pool codes and regulations set forth in the National Electric Code, article 680.

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