Circuit Breaker & Fuse Box Upgrades

electrical panel repair replacement

When you buy a home; it either has a fuse box or a circuit breaker panel that supplies and controls the power that goes into the home. This acts as a switch to shut off the power to one section of the home at a time or all of it.

It is also a safety mechanism by which fuses or circuits blow and shut off the power supply in case of a short or overload. Older homes often have a fuse box and it’s usually a good idea to get these upgraded to a circuit breaker panel soon after buying the home. Your load requirements may not be enough for an old fuse box to handle. That’s where we can help!

Mast Repairs

If you are a homeowner; damage to your outside electrical equipment is a concern. Storm damage can leave many homes without power. Luckily, here at Robishaw Electric Inc, we’ve got you covered. We do fast and precise mast repairs so your house can be back up and running in no time.

Wind, lightning, flying debris or downed trees can damage your mast and leave you with a big electrical job on your hands. Why not let us handle it for you? You may think that this is the electric company’s job, but they only handle repairs of damages occurring from the power pole to the point that it enters your home. You are also responsible for repairs if your power is attached to your home through the service mast.

Above Ground and Underground Installation and Repairs

We offer only the most professional above ground and underground installation and repairs for those big, intimidating jobs that come up in, around and under your home. Some wires and cables are buried underground and even under pavement. This is just another day for Robishaw Electric.

We will be able to determine if your electricity needs an underground repair or if we can repair it above ground. We service things like underground meters, grounding connections, and water pipe grounding connections as well as all above ground repairs and installations with the most desirable results.

New Construction and Residential Development

If you are building a new home or are thinking about adding an addition to your home; you should call Robishaw Electric for the best results at the most reasonable prices. We have all the latest equipment and our technicians are skilled and stay informed on all the latest innovations in home electricity.

We will be able to consult you on the best course of action as well as provide electrician services that are second to none. Call us now for an estimate and we will prove that we have the highest quality services and the most reasonable prices in town.

Multi-family Service Upgrades

If your home is a multi-family residence, we will be able to equip your entire property with electricity to your exact specifications. Some homeowners prefer to have the meters separate while others prefer one central meter for one or more homes.

Call us now for a consultation and we will work with you on what is the best electricity solution for your multi-family property. We can also service your entire multi-family residence and keep your property running smoothly without fail.

Panel and Meter Socket Replacements

A meter socket is what holds your electricity meter and is also referred to as a meter base. Your meter is provided by your utility company and your meter socket installation needs to meet with the specific code requirements of your area.

Trust an electrician that’s knowledgeable of all standard electricity codes and adheres to them closely. We provide you with expert panel installations and replacements, making sure that your home is equipped with the best equipment installed by a skilled insured, and licensed electrician.

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