Residential Generators

New Installation and Servicing Existing Residential Generators

As power outages become more and more common in Massachusetts, so has the need for having reliable backup residential generators for your house or condo. Generators may not be for everyone, but some residents really like the peace of mind they bring. Not having to worry about power outages mean comfort and security for your family. On most ocasions, a storm which one thinks isn’t anything to worry about comes along and powerfully knocks out a power line or destroys your local power source. However, with your trusty generator, you have nothing to worry about when this does happen. If you think a standby generator is a good addition to your home; we have all the residential generators you need and a team of experts electrical servicemen to take care of everything from start to finish. We install the generator for you, ensure it’s working and we’re always on call should you have any issues or questions.

What Size Generator Do You Need For Your Home?

The sizes of the generators we typically install range from 7 to 50kw and are among the most reliable and durable on the market. No matter your size preference, we can provide what you want and need. We have many models of generators that run on natural gas, propane and regular gasoline. We also carry both fully automatic and manual transfer switches so your generator runs exactly the way you need. Once you’ve decided the size that works for you. You’ll need to choose a specific generator. Of course, we assist you throughout this entire process.

Choosing a Generator For Your Home

If you call us now, we can walk you through the process of choosing a generator that is perfect for your home and backup power needs. To give you an idea of how to choose the best generator, here are a couple pointers should you prefer to do some of the discovery work beforehand: It’s important to first determine how much power your generator must generate. That means taking into consideration all appliances that require power to function. Air conditioners are among the most power-draining appliances within ones home. We’ll inspect and take an inventory of your existing appliances that pull the most power and go from there to determine how much power your generator needs to generate in order to cover all your electricity needs. Determine the amp of your electrical panel. Keep in mind that you don’t need the maximum output of your panel in your generator. You rarely use maximum power on your home so why would your generator need to operate at max power? Again, look at your most power draining appliances and determine the maximum amount of power you are using. It is likely much less than the maximum power of your panel. So, stop worrying about power outages today and let us install and service your home generator. We have the selection and top quality services to ensure that you have the backup power that you need in your home.

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