We offer installation of electrical systems for both above ground and in-ground pools as well as pool motor replacement and lighting. Pools and pool lighting systems have strict guidelines that have to be followed for installation. We will power and bond your pool and equipment in accordance with all pool codes and regulations set forth in the National Electric Code, article 680.

Pool Installation

Installing a pool, especially an in-ground pool, in your yard is a major undertaking. The idea of sipping lemonade by the pool on a hot day before jumping in to cool off is an attractive one for many homeowners. Not just anyone can install a pool. There are many things that need to be done to make a pool fully functional and pass all inspections.

In order to install swimming pool wiring; there are three things that must be done:

All electrical permits must be secured – This is not that difficult or time consuming as long as you are working with experienced electricians like the ones at Robishaw Electric. Our electricians will make sure all pool equipment is up to code and passes all inspections.

A sub-panel must be wired at the equipment pad to power the pool equipment – The sub-panel is the breaker box that is installed to power all of the pool equipment. This breaker box is usually 100 amps which is likely to be too much of a load for the breaker box on your house to handle.

All metal pool components must be bonded – Bonding is not to be confused with grounding. Bonding involves using bare copper wire to connect all the metal components of the pool system. This carries stray voltage away from the pool components. The deck of the pool might require bonding as well.

Call Robishaw Electric now and we will install that pool you’ve always wanted. We will make sure that your pool equipment is installed up to code and functions properly for years to come. Let us install and service your pool and you will never have to worry about anything else but enjoying the benefits with your family and friends.

Pool Lighting

Your pool setting can be made infinitely more beautiful with the right pool lighting. We can install creative lighting motifs around your pool as well as under the water to make your pool area really stand out. Only a licensed electrician can install and repair these lights and Robishaw Electric is your best bet for the best results. We can install new pool lights or upgrade your existing lights. Call us today and your pool lighting will be the focus of praise at your next pool party. Improve the look of your pool as well as your overall landscape with one of our many pool lighting installations.

Important Safety Tip about Your Existing Pool:

If your pool was built before 1968; it probably has below standard electrical wiring and pool lighting that may need to be upgraded. Call Robishaw Electric and we will be happy to help.

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