Parking Lot Lighting and Repair

Local Businesses Need Parking Lot Lighting Repair Services

Never allow your business to go dark. Call us to take care of all your parking lot lighting installation and maintenance for optimal results. We service your business office, medical office, retail store, restaurant and much more. We are the best in the business at pole lighting installation and repair, ballast and lamp changes and we will even energy retrofit your lighting for the most cost-efficient installation for the amount you want to spend.

Pole Lighting Installation and Repair

Whether you need new installation or repairs; use Robishaw Electric to service your parking lot or illuminate your business for more customer visibility. It’s common sense that a business that is illuminated well will draw more customers. We will not only fit you with the best possible outdoor lighting equipment, we will show you exactly how much lighting you need to light your business without going overboard. We have the finest equipment and crew to service your outdoor lights in any way you need or upgrade the ones you have. Your lights need to fit your business and they also need to last. This type of lighting has to be more durable than standard indoor lighting because it has to face sometimes harsh conditions. If your pole lighting is damaged or loses its effectiveness in any way; our electricians will come out and make sure that your lighting is consistent and serving its purpose in the best way possible at all times.

Ballast and Lamp Changes

Most parking lot and other area lighting calls for metal halide light bulbs. This is, by far, the most common form of commercial outdoor lighting because they have the best light coverage for businesses like shopping centers and parking lots. These bulbs can get expensive between the cost to replace them and the amount of power they draw. Servicing your ballast or replacing it could save you a lot of money if you catch problems early. Regular maintenance or replacement of ballasts and lamp changes are crucial to the life and the look of your pole lighting. Robishaw Electric will stay on top of your outdoor lighting needs and make sure that your business is always lit properly to get the exposure you need. Some other forms of commercial lighting include HID, CFL and fluorescent. This type of lighting was not made to run until it burns out. The most cost-effective thing for you is to get regular maintenance to extend the life of your lamps and ballasts. Metal halide lamps just break the circuit when they burn out. HID, CFL and fluorescent lights that require ballasts should never be allowed to run until the lamp burns out. This causes significant damage to the ballast and you will likely have to replace it. We know how to tell if a lamp is about to go out and replace it for you before it causes any unnecessary expense.

Energy Retrofitting

You might be able to save a lot of money in energy costs if you decide to retrofit your lamps with more energy efficient lighting like LED and we can help. We have up to date equipment and knowledge on all the best outdoor lighting for your business. Retrofitting your HPS, HID, incandescent or halogen to LED could save you tons of money and you don’t even have to replace your old fixture. This is just one of the many choices we offer you for your pole lighting needs. It’s clear to see that Robishaw Electric is the only company you need to call to install and maintain the electricity in your business. We offer consultation to help you decide which outdoor lighting is right for you and provide the best installation and maintenance to save you a lot of time and money now and for the life of your business.

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