New Construction and Additions

We Do New Construction Electrical Wiring and Addition Services

Are you looking to expand your business with new construction or additions? Let Robishaw Electric help you make your expansion as smooth as possible with the most desirable results. We are a professional design and build company. We will be happy to assist you with almost any type of additions to your business and help you with various things like lighting, layout and design along the way.

We are your best choice for electrician services whether you want to add on to your business or build it from the ground up. Let us get involved in the process as early as possible and we will help guide you through the complicated task of equipping your new construction or addition with electricity in the most professional and efficient way possible. Look no further than Robishaw Electric for your business expansion. We provide only the best services to install things like phone wiring, fire alarms, security systems and virtually anything that takes power. We provide advice and installation of the proper wiring for whatever equipment you use to run your business.

No Electrical Job Too Large or Too Small for Robishaw Electric

No matter what the size of your expansion, we have the skill and experience to give you the highest quality and most cost-effective electrician services available. You want your expansion to be as safe as it can be and you don’t want to have to worry about complications along the way. We give only the highest quality and informed advice and service and we live up to our promise of getting your job right the first time every time.

Expansion Services with a Focus on Safety

Our licensed, professional and courteous electricians will help you with everything you need to bring your new construction or addition up to the latest safety codes. We give you top-of-the-line services from the ground up and also let you know if your addition needs more upgrades than you expected. We want you to be 100% satisfied and the best way to do that is to provide you with electricity in whatever capacity is best for your expansion.

Why Choose Robishaw Electric for Your New Construction or Addition?

There are many reasons why we are your number one choice to help with your addition or new construction. One of the main reasons is that a commercial electrician requires a higher level of skill than the typical home electrician. You need your electrician to be prepared for whatever type of expansion you are planning. Our electricians are informed on all the latest technology and have the proper tools and know-how to make your expansion as successful as possible. We realize that many of your electronic needs are highly specialized to your type of business. That’s why we hire only the most highly skilled technicians that are prepared for any situation whether your business is a restaurant, warehouse or retail store. We will also help you avoid any unnecessary hassle by making sure we get the proper permits and approval so you never have to concern yourself with being up to code. Call us now and we will let you know exactly what is best for your business. We let you know exactly what we can do for you and we would love to provide you with an accurate estimate that is likely less than any other company you can find with our level of quality service.

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